Singer/songwriter Jonathon Hampton grew up in Chicago, taking in and showing off the sounds of Soul, Blues, and Jazz. Hampton most frequently fuses the passionate stylings of Rhythm & Blues with the classic vibrance of Jazz ballads. In Washington DC he's made guest appearances at Mr. Henry's and Jojo's. In California he's performed at Oakland Yard, The Octopus, Rosenblum, Duvin, Martunis, Octavia Lounge, and Les Joulins Jazz Bistro. In New York City he's taken the stage at St. Peter's with Billy Harper, the Cotton Club, St. Nick's Pub, and Creole Jazz & Supper Club.


Hampton's played the role of Smudge in the Caribbean Community Theatre production of the musical Forever Plaid, recorded the lead role of Wilbur Wright in the opera Brother Brother by Aaron Siegel, recorded for the musical There's Something I Need to Tell You by Robert Strozier and Barbara Hustedt Crook, recorded and performed the role of Fab in the opera WOW by Joe Diebes, and he has recorded and performed for Carnegie Hall's national education program, Link Up.                        


Nature Boy

Moody's Mood for Love

Stand By Me


Dark Knights (improv.)



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